Thank you for completing this survey. We hope you are off to a great start at Georgia Gwinnett College. Your answers to this survey will help us better serve you and future students. Your replies are confidential.

Remember that by completing this survey you can enter a drawing for a gift card worth $50.

1) Approximately when did you first hear of GGC?

2) Approximately when did you apply to GGC?

3) When did you decide to attend GGC?

4) Many characteristics are important to students in making their college choice. In the first set of columns, please indicate how important the characteristic was in your decision. In the second set of columns please rate GGC on these same characteristics.

    Importance   Your rating of GGC
   Very important Somewhat important Slightly important Not at all important    Positive rating of GGC Negative rating of GGC N/A
Quality of education     
Quality of faculty     
Financial aid     
Size (# of students)     
Specific majors/ programs of study     
Ability to apply in the summer     
Diversity of student body     
GGC is a new college     
The library and learning center     
The student center     
The residence halls     
GGC is being designed for 21st century needs     
Activities, clubs and organizations     
Small student to faculty ratio     
Faculty mentoring     
Technology that is available     
The appearance of the campus     
Access (I was accepted at GGC)     

5) What was the most important reason you chose to attend GGC?

6) In what ways, if any, is GGC different from other colleges you considered?

7) Students become interested in specific colleges for a variety of reasons. How important was each of the following in stimulating your interest in GGC?

  Very important Somewhat important Slightly important Not at all important
High school counselors
GGC representative visited my school
College fairs
Newspaper articles
GGC website
GGC faculty or staff
GGC admissions staff
GGC students
Information mailed to me by GGC
Information e-mailed to me by GGC
Information I requested
Visit to the campus
GGC Open Houses
GGC information at the Mall of Georgia or other malls
Information from the radio
Other (please fill in)

8) Did you apply to any other colleges, four year or two year, or technical institutions for the Fall 2012 semester? (Select one)

9) If you answered yes to the question above, how many other institutions did you apply to?

10) If you applied to other institutions, to what other ones did you apply? Please list the institutions in the order of your preference. List up to 7.

11) For each of these institutions, what was the result of your application? Please answer in the order of the institutions in the previous question.

  Admitted Admitted off wait list Waitlisted Denied Withdrew application
1st institution
2nd institution
3rd institution
4th institution
5th institution
6th institution
7th institution

12) If you applied to other institutions, was GGC:

13) If you had decided not to go to GGC, what would you have done?

14) If GGC did not exist, what do you think you would be doing now? (Select one)

1. Attending University of Georgia
2. Attending Georgia Tech
3. Attending Georgia State
4. Attending Gainesville State
5. Attending Kennesaw State
6. Attending Georgia Southern
7. Attending North Georgia
8. Attending Georgia College
9. Attending GPC (Georgia Perimeter College)
10. Attending Gwinnett Tech
11. Attending another University System of Georgia 4 year institution
12. Attending another University System of Georgia 2 year institution
13. Attending another 4 year college in Georgia
14. Attending a college outside of Georgia
15. Working
16. Military
17. Other

To help us understand some of the characteristics of our students, please answer the following classification questions.

15) Are you a full-time student (12 credit hours or more) or a part-time student?

16) When did you graduate from high school?

17) Which of the following best describes your situation?

18) In what age group are you?

19) Do you live on campus?

20) What are your current plans?

21) Thank you very much for your time and comments. Remember, if you want to be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card, enter your e-mail below.